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Global Teach-In: April 25, 2012, Seven Countries, 15+ Cities

JONATHAN FELDMAN 2012-04-15        #20463

How can we move beyond petitioning leaders and get more economic, political and media power for comprehensive change.

Seven countries and more than fifteen cities will be coming together to organize a global teach-in on April 25, 2012. The teach-in brings together leading environmental activists, among the most sophisticated trade union activists in North America, top peace champions and grassroots activists in four continents. 

The Global Teach-In: Democracy Networks, Green Jobs and Planning, and an Alternative Financial System

Beyond the Economic, Energy & Environnmental Crises

Speakers include:

Lorentz Tovatt, Editor Supermiljöbloggen & Former Wake Up Call) (Sweden)
Oscar Kjellberg, Former Managing Director, JAK Medlemsbank (Sweden)
Jonathan Feldman, Convenor Swedish Green New Deal Conference (Sweden)
Gar Alperovitz, founding Principal of The Democracy Collaborative (US)
Pamela Brown, New School for  Social Research (US)
Ellen Hodgson Brown, Chairman and President, Public Banking Institute (US)
Colin Hines, Convenor, Green New Deal (UK) 
Bill McKibben, Founder  (US)
Bruce Nixon, Author A Better World is Possible (UK)
Robert Pollin, PERI, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (US)
Joel Rogers, Director, COWS (US)
Alice Slater, New York Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (US),
Among others.
On April 25, 2012, more than fifteen cities in seven countries will convene in a virtual town hall and global teach-in to address pressing problems ignored by political establishments in countries ravaged by the economic crisis or concerned by growing environmental decay.  These seven countries involved include the U.S.,
the U.K., Sweden, Austria, South Africa, Canada, and Venezuela.  
Key cities involved include: Stockholm, Sweden; Boston; San Francisco;
Ann Arbor; Portland, Oregon; London, UK; Birmingham, UK;   Edinburgh, UK; Toronto, Canada; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Caracas, Venezuela; Vienna, Austria; and Durban, South Africa.
The event will be livestreamed and link labor, environmental, Occupy and other activists as well as leading scholars and political leaders concerned with the economic, environmental and energy supply crisis.
Principals include the United Electrical Workers, the Ontario Federation of Labour, student debt leaders, environmental leaders, peace activists, and others trying to remake the economy from below with alternative banks, utilities, and cooperative firms.

The Global Teach-In is based on the principle that by moving our money and pushing politicians to promote alternative banks and budgetary policies, we can begin a new political cycle from below and above that will promote alternative intermediary institutions:  These alternatives include alternative utilities, cooperatives and mass transit networks.   These democratic or public intermediaries can act as platforms for alternative energy, green jobs and green infrastructure investment.  By creating jobs, saving consumers’ money, providing new services, improving environmental conditions and creating a base for popular citizen economic power, we will gain further resources for a green, democratic conversion of the political, economic and media spheres.  This cycle shows how we can promote accountability systems, democracy and resources for civil liberties against centralized bureaucracies that are not responsive to public needs.

We will discuss how arms exports and military spending can represent a serious opportunity cost for needed investments in mass transportation and alternative energy.

For more information, consult these links:

The event's general website appears here,

Swedish website:

UK website

Toronto website

The promotion video appears here:

Email contact:

JOHAN ERLANDSSON 2012-04-15        #20465
What is the general purpose of this teach-in?

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